LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Enough already with behavior in Congress


I am a Christian, but if I were a Jew or a Muslim my message would be the same: In the name of God, stop it. Was the debt ceiling fiasco not enough?

Now political idiotology in Congress is assuring that the FAA cannot function.

I don't care who is on which side of the argument about $16.5 million in subsidies for rural airports. Congressional inaction is costing us Americans nearly $30 million in revenue every day; couple that with the nearly 75,000 people who have been put out of work, and I feel like the country I love is being torn to shreds.

I grew up watching my parents and their elected representatives show me how America cares for all of its citizens, especially those who were less fortunate than we were (even though my folks had come west as "Dust Bowl Okies.")

Those lessons echoed what I was being taught in church: "From those to whom much is given, much is expected." We often cooperated in establishing political will to better our county; we might not always have liked the other parties' ideologies, but we knew that we would be stronger when we worked together.

Now I see America's Congress people -- many of whom claim God as their guide -- failing to follow basic human principles.

Cooperation for the greater good? No!

Compromise for any reason? No!

Treat our fellow citizens (no matter their circumstances) with decency and respect? No, not even that!

In the name of God, stop it.

Steve Droke
Walla Walla


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