In the minutes - WESTON COUNCIL


Members of the council are Bill Boyd, Lynn Delph, Juan Avila and Dennis Snider. Mayor is Duane Thul. With all present Wednesday the council:

  • WORKSHOP: Held a workshop on the draft city hall feasibility study presented by a representative of Public Affairs Research Consultant. The consultant explained what the firm has come up with in draft form before the report is finalized. The study is one of the requirements for seeking grants. Ideas included utilizing the upstairs, although it needs major work, and using the back part of the main floor for a purpose other than storage.

  • LIBRARIAN: Approved reimbursing librarian for mileage to attend two district meetings in August. Unanimous.

  • HANDBOOK: Discussed new employee handbook. Reviews and revisions continue to be made.

  • EVALUATIONS: Discussed employee evaluations. Thul wanted the council to provide input on who should conduct employee evaluations. Council members said the mayor should be involved in the entire process, and the council department liaison and department head should also be part of the process.

  • WEB PAGE: Saw a presentation of the Weston Community Web Page created by Trish Neal. Neal has maintained a web page for the Weston Library for several years. She is also doing Pioneer Page and Weston Chamber of Commerce, and wants to include City of Weston. Her proposal would include links to the police department and City Hall on the web page.

  • RESOLUTION: Approved resolution regarding volunteers to satisfy workman's compensation insurance requirement. Unanimous.

  • LIQUOR LICENSES: Took no action meaning there were no objections to applications by Longbranch Caf?copy; amp; Saloon and Suzi's Handy Mart for liquor license renewals.

  • FEES: Discussed fee schedule for violation of city ordinances. The schedule will accompany new ordinances, which have not been finalized.

  • BIDS: Tabled resolution regarding bid package for phase one for City Hall repair.

  • GUIDELINES: Tabled consideration of M2M Guidelines created by Portland State University Community Vision.

  • SURPLUS: Approved procedures to deal with surplus property, including vehicles, buildings, land and equipment. Unanimous.

  • COMP TIME: Voted to give all employees comp time when earned. Previously only police personnel received comp time. Unanimous. The change will be included in the employee handbook.

  • STORAGE BUILDING: Tabled awarding bid for public works storage building. Two bids were received and the city wants to be able to consider three.

  • SPRINKLERS: Approved $1,350 expenditure for a sprinkler system for the south side of City Park. Unanimous.

  • INSURANCE: Tabled changing the cap on employee health and life insurance until the city attorney can be consulted.


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