LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - All food is fine - in moderation


The U-B is to be commended for its recent focus on healthy living and it is correct in its editorial entitled "Challenges to healthy eating are more than monetary."

Most of the time it requires a lifestyle change. This country has a vast variety of food available and I believe at a reasonable cost. I can't accept that it costs more to shop for healthy food, take it home, prepare it and sit down and take time to eat it than to cruise through one of the fast-food restaurants. It definitely takes more thought and time though.

As a hypnotherapist, I get more requests for weight loss than anything else. When asking my clients to come up with a few suggestions on how to change their eating habits, I find they already know what to do.

Most have already tried every diet available, say they work but then they gain the weight back. That's because they go back to the old habits. I also emphasize there is no reason to deny themselves, they can have any food they want in moderation.

I Googled Mike Royko. He died at the age of 64 of a brain aneurysm. Perhaps Mother Nature was a little ticked off at him for saying nasty things about her. A lot of things that taste good and are fattening are created by humans, not nature.

As for something good for you not tasting good, there is nothing more delicious than a ripe tomato picked off the vine, and it's very nutritious.

It would be more helpful if people remembered what food is, the means to sustain life. It does not make sense that nature would make it taste bad if it's good for you.

Taste buds are trained in childhood so it's important to give children healthy food. Also, we are not only feeding the body but also the spirit. If we honor and respect the vehicle that houses our spirit, shouldn't we choose only the best food?

Babies and animals have no difficulty and no shame in enjoying food. Maybe we could learn something from them.

Mary Kay Pinnick

Walla Walla


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