LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Does someone have to die?


Ask anyone who lives in the vicinity of Wilbur Avenue and Pleasant Street and they will tell you that the sounds of screetching cars, crinkling metal and sirens are nothing new. This intersection, which is used by students walking to Berney Elementary School and Pioneer Middle School, has always been a problem.

I was involved in an accident seven years ago with my two children in the car. A driver failed to stop at the stop sign on Wilbur heading south. I was hit hard enough to spin my car 180 degrees and barely missed hitting a telephone pole. Thankfully, we were not seriously injured in the crash.

Such a dangerous intersection that is so heavily used by our children should be safe! What will it take to get a traffic light put in? Or a four way stop? Or even flashing red warning lights?

Unfortunately, it'll probably take someone dying before anything is done Let's hope it is not one of the innocent children in our community.

Cindy Lorang

Walla Walla


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