LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Sweets' Tristan Hobbes is great announcer


Walla Walla has had a wonderful summer for baseball. Our Sweets have made it that much more enjoyable for everyone who has made it out to Borleske to watch these young college men play the game so many of us love.

They made the playoffs in only the second year of the team's existence.

Great leadership from our own local coaches. A great front office under the leadership of Zachary Fraser. Many local young people are employed or step forward as volunteers to do the work that makes the evenings run smooth.

One who works in the background and is not seen is the radio announcer, Tristan Hobbes. Night after night he brings to those who cannot make it to the game the play by play events that take place on the field. Coupled with his experience as a player and the ability to put you in the "stands," even though you may be miles away, is the true gift Tristan brings to each game.

As one who works in the sports announcing field for Whitman College, I can tell you that baseball play-by-play announcing is the most difficult. Lots of empty air time to fill. Tristan, as young as he is, has the ability and skill to make for a smooth delivery and an enjoyable listening experience.

I know I speak for many in our community when I say we appreciate Tristan for his great work on the radio, and we look for great things from him in the years to come.

Go Sweets!

Bob McCoy

Walla Walla


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