LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - We need to become more involved


When are "we the people" going to wake up to the fact that what the Founding Fathers envisioned for this country was maximum liberty and personal responsibility? They feared a centralized government because that, by its very nature, is an enemy to personal liberty, private property and the basic rights people attained from God.

We, in this country, have been sold a bill of goods over the decades marketed by such groups and organizations as the World Trade Organization, Environmental Protection Agency and many others. Their basic theme is that man is not able to conduct his own affairs and needs to be controlled.

They use our own government against us. The education system in this country is failing because they spend more time brain-washing our children and socializing them to think like they do. Text brooks are shockingly void of truth and full of theory and conjecture.

The centralized government wants to redistribute wealth. Are you surprised little is made in this country? It's all in the plan. Drive business overseas and send our raw materials at a subsidized price (that "we the people" pay in a form of taxes) and then buy it back at a tariffed price.

The environmentalists are after your private property rights. They are getting their fingers on more and more what used to be private property by denying use to "we the people." They want to control everything we do through regulations and mandates. There are thousands of boards, commissions, bureaus, agencies that regulate "your" property.

A current example of this is the waste water management we have had foisted upon us by the Ecology Department. Taxes are now being collected by the County as an increase in property tax. Can you see the logic in this? We build a house (with a roof) to protect ourselves from the rain or snow that God graciously supplies to us for our good. When it melts or runs off it becomes the governments job to make us pay for managing it, yet they are collecting for this "service"!

We need to all become more involved in fighting against the elites in this country who are destroying the Founding Fathers vision for "we the people." Everyone says the government is out of control, but I think they are just the opposite. Do you know that in 2012 if you sell your house or property you will pay a 3.8 percent tax for that privilege-to Obamacare! Look it up. Its the truth!

Steve Drumheller

Walla Walla


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