LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - We must look at the whole picture


Rev. Koonz generated varying responses in his religion column regarding the debt crisis, and he is right -- we are stealing from future generations and it is a spiritual issue.

However, to be fair, Rev. Koonz should have mentioned in his list of expenses the growing debt from two wars and our lifestyle overall. We are taking a lot we're not paying for both in national capital and natural resources.

Also, neither recent writer defending Rev Koonz mentioned part of the way to solve the problem is in raising funds by taxing individuals and corporations in our country that have above and beyond what they need, and in many cases, were able to amass that wealth because of the laws and infrastructure of our society.

A simple Internet search of both left- and right-oriented websites will bring up many articles about the widening income gap in the United States. Although Rev. Koonz's points contain some truth, he used political bias to name the problem and solution.

Justice has many facets. We mustn't be unjust to future generations, nor to the poor we have with us now. We must set aside partisan politics and look at the whole picture, especially when there aren't easy answers.

Karen Kirkwood
Walla Walla


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