Last slot on Council ballot still in doubt

Dominick Elia and Paul Mobley are separated by only 30 votes with 100 ballots still to be counted.


WALLA WALLA - With 100 ballots still left to be counted and only 30 votes difference between them, either Dominick Elia or Paul Mobley could end up being eliminated as a candidate for City Council Position 7.

Figures released Friday by the Walla Walla County Auditor report that Elia has 1,446 votes, with Mobley at 1,416.

The leader, Mary Lou Jenkins, will be on the ballot in November, as the 100 votes are not enough to lower her position beyond second place.

As for City Council Position 4, the remaining 100 votes will not be enough to change the results.

Currently, Jerry Cummins is the leader with 1,934 votes, Dick Swenson in second place with 1,470 and Jim Hackett will be eliminated from the election after receiving 903 votes.

The remain ballots left to be counted are those where signatures need to be verified or other factors require further verification.

County Auditor Karen Martin added that the election isn't official until final certification on Aug. 31.

It is also possible that an automatic recount will be required in Council Position 7 if the difference in votes between second and third place is less than 22.


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