Prugh leads Northwest Open Invitational by one

Corey Prugh leads a trio of golfers by one shot. The tournament continues today and Wednesday.



With golden wheat and grasses on bounding shores, a golfer swings in a sea of green on the fairway leading to the 18th hole Monday afternoon during the first round of the Northwest Open Invitational at Wine Valley Golf Course.


With golden wheat and grasses on bounding shores, a golfer swings in a sea of green on the fairway leading to the 18th hole Monday afternoon during the first round of the Northwest Open Invitational at Wine Valley Golf Course.

WALLA WALLA - Corey Prugh of Manito Golf and Country Club took a one-shot lead over a trio of competitors after the first round of the Northwest Open Invitational at Wine Valley Golf Club Monday.

Prugh shot a 4-under-par 68 to have the edge on Brandon Kearney (Bend Golf and Country Club), Jeff Coston (Semiahmoo Golf and Country Club) and amateur Alex Fitch (Juniper Golf Club).

A quartet of golfers were two shots behind Prugh.

Walla Walla Country Club's Brady Sharp carded a 1-over 73 to sit in a tie for 17th, and Wine Valley's John Thorsnes' 75 left him tied for 35th.

Amateur Jim Pliska from Wine Valley shot a 76, and Elijah Perkins from Wine Valley a 78.

At the Winemakers Pro-Am on Saturday at Wine Valley, Costen earned low gross honors in the Individual Professional division with a 64, followed by Prugh at 65.

Low net in the same division went to Thorsnes at 69, and Walla Walla resident Scott Larson tied for second low net at 72.

In the Individual Amateur division Saturday, College Place's Vince Jimenez earned low gross with a 65, and Walla Walla's Greg Fink tied for eighth low net at 68.

In the Professional field on Sunday, Sharp and Costen tied for second low gross at 69, and in the Amateurs Sunday, Jimenez finished in a three-way tie for second low gross at 74.

Team finishes found Sharp, Jimenez, Fink and Walla Walla's Ray Shier in third with a two-day total of 245.

The 54-hole Northwest Open Invitational continues today and Wednesday at Wine Valley.

2011 Winemakers Pro-Am

at Wine Valley Golf Club


Individual Professional


Jeff Costen 64

Corey Prugh 65

Jason Aichele 69

Todd Pence 70

Steve Prugh 71

Mark Gardner 72

Ryan Malby 72


John Thorsnes 69

Michael Rotors 72

Scott Larson 72

Individual Amateur


Vince Jimenez 65

Mike Kloenne 72

Charlie Moodie 74

Rob Palanuk 75


Subeer Manhas 64

Julie Homer 65

John Rial 66

Todd Clarke 66

Curt Lindsey 67

Paul Ortner 67

Wayne Hamersly 67

Greg Fink 68

Rich Klep 68

Tom Boobel 68

Team KP Hole No. 6 - Cory Prugh, Charlie Moody, John Eckert, Dan McKinney

Team KP Hole No. 14 - Casey McCoy, Dan Wilskie, John Rial, Subeer Manhas




Todd Pence 65

Brady Sharp 69

Jeff Costen 69

Casey McCoy 70

Corey Prugh 70

Michael Rotors 70

Ryan Malby 70

Steve Prugh 70


Jeff Ellison 65

Dave Castleberry 70



Sean Taylor 72

Brent Stewart 74

Mike Kloenne 74

Vince Jimenez 74


Wayne Hamersly 62

Matt Riesenweber 62

Dan Wilskie 64

John Rial 65

Tom Boobel 65

Dave Fisher 67

Dan Zinzer 72

Kim Ponti 72

Larry Hoyez 73

Team KP Hole No. 6 - Todd Pence, Marshall Byerley, Sean Taylor, Rick Taylor

Team KP Hole No. 14 - Brian Thornton, Kim Ponti, Warren Sakai, Mary Saunders

Team Two-day Total

Casy McCoy, Subeer Manhas, Dan Wilskie, John Rial 236

Ted Westling, Dan Zinzer, Bob Johnson, Wayne Hamersly 241

Brady Sharp, Vince Jimenez, Greg Fink, Ray Schier 245

Mike Kasch, Tim Nies, Mike Sharon, Matt Riesenweber 246

Gordon Tolber, Wayne Logeman, Bob Homer, Julie Homer 247

Jerry Mowlds, Tony Hoffman, Mike Kloenne, Paul Ortner 247

Northwest Open Invitational

at Wine Valley Golf Club


* - amateur

Corey Prugh 68

Brandon Kearney 69

Jeff Coston 69

Alex Fitch* 69

Bob Rannoq 70

Brian Thornton 70

Bobby Kent* 70

Ryan Malby 70

Jason Pitt 71

Matt Epstein* 71

James Feutz* 71

Jerry Johnson 71

Kevin Anderson 71

Carl Johnson* 71

Brian Nosler 72

Jason Aichele 72

Jonathan Schrader 73

Brady Sharp 73

Michael Kloenne* 73

Justin Bos 73

Ash Miles* 73

Chris Isaacson 74

Darren Black 74

Todd Erwin 74

Scott Krieger 74

Rob Clark 74

Josh Immordino 74

Dan Whitaker* 74

Garrett Howard* 74

Brent Walsh 74

Derek Berg 74

Mark Gardner 74

Mike Hegarty 74

Brandon Richardson 74

Mike Force* 75

Steve Prugh 75

Jack Kelly* 75

Casey McCoy 75

Bryan Stevens 75

Bill Winter* 75

John Thorsnes 75

Chris Griffin 75

Todd Pence 75

Branden Thompson 75

Ronnie Espedal 75

Bruce Stewart 75

Chuck Milne 75

David Nuhn* 75

Cameron Fife 76

Jim Pliska* 76

Derek Barron* 76

Taylor Ferris 76

Brad Faller 76

Dick Cartmell* 76

Mike Noreen* 76

Todd O'Neal 76

Mitch Runge 76

Jeff Marsh 76

David Phay 76

Mike Roters 76

GRant Lancaster 76

Chris Bae* 76

Steve Bowen 77

Gordon Corder 77

Dave Castleberry 77

Ray Comella 77

Mike Kasch 77

Keith Crimp* 77

Fred Haney 77

Bryant D'Hondt 77

Mike Schoner 77

Tim O'Neal* 77

Alex Stamey* 77

Jeff Ward* 77

Samson Martinez 77

Darek Franklin 77

Craig Wilcox 78

Elijah Perkins 78

Kevin Burnett* 78

Jay Poletiek* 78

Rob Gibbons 78

Wes Hayden 78

Tyler Nelson* 78

Erik Hanson* 78

Colten Kleis* 78

Adam Syverson 78

Andrew Whalen* 78

Michael Duckham* 79

Joe Peccia 79

Brad Karns* 79

Chris Repass 79

Scott Leritz 79

Brent Murray 79

David Bobillot 79

Zac Snedeker 79

Clint Ables 79

Michael Goldsberry* 79

Ryan Dahl 80

Brandon Lorain* 79

Gary Lindeblad 80

Tim McElhinny 81

Sean Fitzpatrick* 81

Lauren Howell* 81

Barry Walters 81

Joshua Scothorne 81

Justin Newton 81

David Tunkkari 81

Ed Jonson* 82

Chris Peterson 82

Olivia Weber* 82

Kristian Sorensen* 82

Craig Larson* 82

Karly Olsen* 83

John D'Amelio 83

Tyler Brooks 83

Austin Landis* 83

Brad Hansen 83

Kyle Miller 83

Raymond Schuler* 83

Jesse Van Schoiack 84

Zdravko Barbic 84

Greg Smith 85

John Bowen 85

Adrin Burtner 86

Colter Morton* 86

Mark Merz 86

Dana Williams 88

Scott MacPherson* 90


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