Prugh ends what he started at Northwest Open Invitational



Teeing off on the eighth hole, Corey Prugh swings his way to the tournament win at the Northwest Open Invitational at Wine Valley Golf Club Wednesday afternoon.


From a far edge of the seventh hole, Bob Rannow sends dirt flying as he hits toward the green during the final round of the Northwest Open Invitational Wednesday afternoon at Wine Valley Colf Club.


Brian Thornton tries to see his stroke from a deep bunker on the seventh hole during the final round of the Northwest Open Invitational Wednesday.

WALLA WALLA - Corey Prugh led from beginning to end, picking up the Northwest Open Invitational with a 10-under-par 206 victory on Thursday.

Prugh, an assistant golf professional at Manito Golf and Country Club in Spokane, carded a 68-68-70 over three days at the 7,025-yard, par-72 Wine Valley Golf Course.

Prugh's day three score of 34-36-70 was enough for a five-shot win over defending champion Brian Thornton and amateur Dan Whitaker, who tied for second at 211.

Walla Walla Country Club's Brady Sharp finished in a seven-way tie for 18th, stroking 73-77-68 for a three-day score of 218.

Wine Valley pros Elijah Perkins notched an eight-way tie for 32nd, carding a 78-70-73-221, and John Thorsnes hit a 75-76-74-225 for a seven-way tie for 51st.

Amateur Jim Pilska, from Wine Valley, shot a 76-80-78-234 for a four-way tie for 83rd.

Northwest Open Invitational

at Wine Valley Golf Club

Final Round

* - amateur

Corey Prugh 68-68-70-206

Brian Thornton 70-21-20-211

Dan Whitaker* 74-65-72-211

Ryan Malby 70-72-70-212

Derek Barron* 76-69-68-213

Brandon Kearney 69-73-72-214

Derek Berg 74-71-69-214

Matt Epstein* 71-74-69-214

Alex Fitch* 69-75-71-215

Todd Pence 75-71-69-215

Darren Black 74-70-71-215

Bob Rannow 70-72-73-215

Chris Bae* 76-70-70-216

Mike Noreen* 76-75-66-217

Chuck Milne 75-70-72-217

Chris Isaacson 74-72-71-217

Jeff Coston 69-74-74-217

Chris Griffin 75-71-72-218

Bruce Stewart 75-71-72-218

Ash Miles* 73-71-74-218

Carl Johnson* 71-76-71-218

Brady Sharp 71-77-68-218

Brian Nosler 72-73-73-218

Scott Krieger 74-71-73-218

Jason Aichele 72-78-69-219

Casey McCoy 75-75-69-219

David Phay 76-96-74-219

Michael Kloenne* 73-75-71-219

Josh Immordino 74-75-71-220

Mark Gardner 74-74-72-220

Bryan Stevens 75-74-71-220

Steve Prugh 75-72-74-221

James Feutz* 71-77-73-221

Elijah Perkins 78-70-73-221

Erik Hanson* 78-72-71-221

Kevin Burnett 78-67-76-221

Bobby Kent* 70-74-77-221

Ronnie Espedal 75-73-73-221

Mike Force* 75-72-74-221

Garrett Howard* 74-80-68-222

Jason Pitt 71-77-75-223

Brandon Richardson 74-73-76-223

Kevin Anderson 71-72-80-223

Cameron Fife 76-73-74-223

Brent Walsh 74-74-75-223

Mike Schoner 77-74-73-224

Mitch Runge 76-74-74-224

Tim O'Neal* 77-72-75-224

Bill Winter* 75-76-73-224

David Nuhn* 75-77-72-224

Jonathan Schrader 73-79-73-225

Justin Bos 73-76-76-225

Jerry Johnson 71-78-76-225

Jeff Marsh 76-74-75-225

John Thorsnes 75-76-74-225

Scott Leritz 79-72-74-225

Jay Poletiek* 78-75-72-225

Rob Gibbons 78-76-72-226

Steve Bowen 77-73-76-226

Keith Crimp* 77-72-77-226

Andrew Whalen* 78-76-72-226

Brad Faller 76-75-75-226

Grant Lancaster 76-73-78-227

Todd O'Neal 76-73-78-227

Dick Cartmell* 74-74-77-227

Darek Franklin 77-73-77-227

David Bobillot 79-72-76-227

Alex Stamey* 77-77-74-228

Dave Castleberry 77-76-76-229

Taylor Ferris 76-77-76-229

Fred Haney 77-79-73-229

Rob Clark 74-80-75-229

Brent Murray 79-72-78-229

Brad Karns* 79-75-75-229

Mike Kasch 77-78-75-230

Jack Kelly* 75-77-78-230

John D'Amelio 83-73-74-230

Zac Snedeker 79-77-74-230

Mike Roters 76-76-78-230

Brandon Lorain* 80-73-78-231

Samson Martinez* 77-77-77-231

Mike Hegarty 74-78-81-233

Ryan Dahl 80-76-78-234

Jim Pliska* 76-80-78-234

Joshua Scothorne* 81-75-78-234

Adam Syverson 78-77-79-234


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