LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Penitentiary is well-run institution


I started working at the Washington State Penitentiary in 1948 and retired as associate superintendent in 1975.

I then acted as a consultant to help design and build prisons all over the nation. I also served two years as national president of the Correctional Education Association. I give you this pedigree to establish my creditability as a "expert witness" in things having to do with the correctional (prisons) field.

Recently former superintendents of the institution and I were given a very detailed tour of that facility by present-day Superintendent Steve Sinclair (we called 'em wardens in my early days).

I would like to comment to the public on what I observed.

The place was clean and everything seemed to be in place. Both officers and inmates were in clean uniforms and the morale of both groups appeared to be as it should be in a well-run institution.

The staff members seem to be holding to their mission statement. Prisons are a necessary negative in our society but so far no one has figured out an alternative. We should be happy as a community that our neighbor on the hill is well run.

Bob Freeman

Walla Walla


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