LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Time for Obama to experience unemployment


Every day, Barack Obama provides more proof of his arrogance. While he continually blames George W. Bush and the entire Republican Party for our economic mess, Obama claims he knows how to make things so much better. I think not!

It's impossible to trust the motives of a president who takes frequent expensive vacations while so many Americans are out of work. Then he embarks on a self-serving, "reach out and touch" expedition, paid for, of course, by the taxpayers!

Obama keeps on smiling as he tells Americans he has a plan, and will tell us about it soon. Shouldn't he have had a plan in place when he moved into the White House? Well actually, Obama has always had a plan. The plan is to punish America!

Why should we trust Obama? When he gives a speech, he constantly looks from side to side. Is the placement of teleprompters the real reason? Obama reminds me of someone watching a tennis match! It would be refreshing if Obama looked Americans in the eye for a change! Perhaps that's impossible for someone who isn't being honest with us.

Many Americans are fed up with Obama's hazardous policies. I hope and pray that Obama will be a one-term president. One term is more than enough! Sadly, some people are working hard to make sure Obama is re-elected. America's future is threatened by this scenario. If Obama stays in the White House another four years, America may never have another chance to recover!

Just recently, Obama said we should get rid of things that don't work. Yes, we should! I suggest we start with Obama's agenda! If Obama won't abandon his failed policies, then it's time for him to experience unemployment!

Roberta Bardsley

Walla Walla


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