LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Why is first solution to raise taxes?


R.I.P. - common sense has passed! (Part 3)

I'm constantly amused by the local, state and federal politicians with the lack of common sense used for decisions on various problems.

The first solution to any problem is raise taxes. Economics 101 explains that when you hit 100 percent you have maxed-out the public. It is impossible to squeeze blood out of a turnip.

The local City Council is apparently taking a chapter from the present administration's playbook to cause shoppers to go across the border and a lot of business accounts will delete taxable items as dead inventory and if that's their only line in the business to close and move where it is feasible to make a living. Why not put up some toll booths to charge those who do drive and let them pay for the highways and byways because as a bicycle rider why should I have to pay for roads I certainly haven't damaged with my Schwinn?

What about all of the taxes the city, county and other government entities collect? If the wages were as controlled for the government as they are with the private sector your coffers wouldn't look nearly as empty as you present! Your line of reasoning is holding Walla Wallans captive to pay for road repair that the city has squandered on everything but what it was collected for. A very progressive approach to breaking the backs of those who feed the system by working.

Just a final note - blaming the Republicans for this last debt-ceiling fiasco is like blaming the firefighter for setting the fire to your house. Remember it stands at one branch of government for the Republicans and two branches for the Democrats. Go figure!

R.I.P. - common sense has passed

Myron Mallow

Walla Walla


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