December Business Monthly Bio - Ellen Saager



Ellen Saager trims the hair of one of her clients during a morning haircut in her barbershop called Elle's Cutting Edge. Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Business/job title: Owner and barber at Ellen's Cutting Edge, Walla Walla

Hometown: Walla Walla. "I was raised here, on Penrose, really close by."

Favorite memory: "I have two wonderful kids: Taking them backpacking and fly fishing in the Eagle Cap wilderness." She also remembers her childhood here. "The winters. Snow and sledding. Walking downtown. The big winters, sledding on the big hill in the early 70s. You can't do that now, that's where the highway is."

Current favorite song/CD? "Adele. I loved Amy Winehouse, she was phenomenal. Amiee Mann, Lucinda Williams."

Favorite movie: "When Harry Met Sally," "What's Eating Gilbert Grape," "Benny and Joon," Anything with Johnny Depp in it.

Favorite food: "I love cooking Italian food. Also French cuisine. But I think Italian is my favorite. I can my own tomatoes, so I make a lot of sauce."

Favorite books: "I just got an iPad, I haven't read a book since. "Thinking in Pictures" by Temple Grandin, "Poisonwood Bible," and "Animal Dreams" by Barbara Kingsolver.

Favorite activities: "I am an avid cyclist. In wintertime I cross country and downhill ski. In the wintertime I take classes at Walla Walla Community College. Everything from jewelry making, fly fishing, guitar, all kinds of classes."

Favorite place in the area: Andes Prairie, Tollgate, Wallowa Lake

Most recent local purchase: "I bought a violin for my granddaughter at Hot Poop."

Dream vacation: "Probably to go to France for a bike and barge. You can ride as much as you want, then get back on the barge. It's like a floating hotel."

Worst job: "In high school I worked nights at a nursing home in the laundry room cleaning dirty clothes."

If you had another career, what would it be? "A professional chef." She went to barber school instead of culinary school because a chef has so much stress. They work every weekend, all holidays and evenings. She wanted more control over her hours.

If you could talk with anyone, from any time or place, who would it be and why? "My grandmother, my mom's mom, grandma Smith. I didn't get to know her, I didn't have a lot of one-on-one with her."


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