Walla Walla standoff ends peacefully

More than 30 officers from several agencies were deployed in the area.



Joseph Dejesus surrendering to the athorities after a long standoff in trailer park off Plaza Way. 11/30/11


Skyler Glasby is escorted by a Walla Walla police officer and Walla Walla sheriff's deputy from an ambulance to police car after a standoff in a trailer park off of Plaza Way on Wednesday afternoon.


Later in the morning, Walla Walla police officers escort residents to and from their homes to pick up medication and important items.


A Walla Walla police officer steps over the phone line leading from the police stageing area to a mobile home where two suspects were holed-up. The line connected to a phone that the suspects could use to negotiate/talk with police. As of 10 am there had been no communication.

WALLA WALLA -- Walla Walla police arrested Skyler Glasby, 23, and Joseph Dejesus, 20, shortly after 1 p.m. Wednesday, following a 21-hour standoff at a mobile home park on Plaza Way.

"We were able to arrest both subjects without incident. We did not have to deploy tear gas," said Sgt. Matt Wood of the Walla Walla Police Department.

Glasby was arrested on investigation of four counts of forgery and four counts of third-degree theft for allegedly passing counterfeit $20 bills at local businesses.

Dejesus was arrested on charges of first-degree assault, drive-by shooting, unlawfully possessing a firearm and felony riot. Both are known gang members, police said.

No additional charges related to the standoff have been filed, according to Administrative Sgt. Steve Potter.

"It is the prosecutors that will make those decisions," Potter said.

The standoff began at roughly 4 p.m. Tuesday when police attempted to arrest Glasby, who then retreated into the mobile home at 1809 Plaza Way. Police later discovered Dejesus, wanted in connection with a drive-by shooting in October, was also in the building.

Police believed the pair may have been armed, though no weapons were discovered following their arrest.

Police tried several methods to communicate with Glasby and Dejesus over the course of the standoff, including a throw phone deployed through a window of the mobile home.

"There were family members that were speaking (to the suspects) over public address systems," said Potter.

Potter also said it isn't clear why the pair barricaded themselves in the mobile home, or why they finally surrendered.

"There was no reason fully given," Potter said.

The incident, despite the peaceful conclusion, will prove to be costly, however. More than 30 officers from several agencies were deployed in the area to control traffic, escort students to school and maintain watch on the house.

"It is a large expense. It's something that's necessary." Potter said, referring to overtime pay for officers. "It puts you in a pickle as an agency."

Potter also said having that many officers tied up with one incident can cause problems in other areas.

"You know you're not going to be other places as often as you'd like," Potter said. "It's very frustrating."

Glasby and Dejesus had their first court appearances this morning. Bail for Glasby was set at $10,000. Total bail for Dejesus was set at $400,000.


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