Man charged in fake $20s case

Skyler I. Glasby of Dayton was arrested Wednesday after a 21-hour standoff in Walla Walla.


WALLA WALLA -- A suspect in the passing of counterfeit $20 bills at area businesses last month has been formally charged in Walla Walla Superior Court with four crimes.

Skyler I. Glasby, 23, was charged Thursday with three counts of forgery, which are felonies, and one count of third-degree theft, a gross misdemeanor.

Glasby and another man allegedly used two of the fake bills to buy automotive products and gas at Sun Mart, 315 N. Second Ave., on Nov. 12.

Later that day, they bought printer ink, paper and a few other items at Walmart in College Place using eight counterfeit 20s, according to a Walla Walla police report filed in court.

Glasby allegedly went back to Sun Mart on Nov. 14 with a different man and bought lottery tickets using a single counterfeit $20 bill.

Each of the bills involved reportedly has one of two serial numbers.

Glasby, of 1116 S. Third St., Dayton, is a known gang member with felony convictions in Columbia County, officials said.

He was arrested Wednesday in Walla Walla following a 21-hour standoff with police at a mobile home in the 1800 block of Plaza Way.

He later told a detective he had received money from a female, but didn't know it was counterfeit. However, he said he recalled getting a sheet of paper from the female's printer "and on the paper was the image of copied currency," according to the police report.

"The more Skyler Glasby talked the more he seemed to know about the counterfeit money and where it came from."

Prosecuting Attorney Jim Nagle said in an email message Thursday the case will be handled in Superior Court unless federal officials decide to become involved.

He also said his office is reviewing information on the other possible suspects.

Regarding the standoff, Nagle wrote today his office is exploring the possibility of adding charges of resisting arrest and obstructing a police officer against Glasby and Joseph D. Dejesus, who allegedly was holed up with him. But Nagle is waiting to receive a written law enforcement report before a decision is reached.

He added, however, that even if the charges are filed and Glasby or Dejesus is convicted of either, state law prohibits an order requiring them to pay for any emergency services costs associated with the standoff. "It doesn't fit within the definition of 'restitution,'" Nagle wrote.

"... Perhaps the city and county can file a civil action against them."

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