Standoff began with attempt to serve warrant

Rueben J. Lopez was arrested on investigation of failure to comply and harassment.


TOUCHET - A 14-hour overnight standoff south of the Whitman Mission National Historic Site had deputies working all Friday night to try to talk the man they were after out of his house.

The standoff began at 7:45 p.m. Thursday, when deputies tried to serve an warrant on Rueben J. Lopez, 30, at 743 Locher Road.

Deputies were allowed in the house by resident Danielle Lynn Roughton, 31, of the same address, who had two children with her at the time.

After entering the home, the deputies proceeded to make contact with Lopez, who was in a back bedroom in the dark.

According to the Sheriff's report, the deputies approached the closed bedroom door, identified themselves and said they had a warrant; Rueben told them he was armed with a gun and would not leave until he was "good and ready."

The deputies retreated to a more secure location and eventually took tactical positions outside of the house.

The report said the deputies advised Roughton to leave the residence, but that she insisted on staying inside with the children.

Other police units arrived shortly and surrounded the house.

A number of times during the night, the deputies tried to talk Lopez into surrendering, according to the report.

At one point, deputies reported that Roughton told them she could not find Lopez in the house; she was then advised to leave the house with the children, which she agreed to do, the report said.

A SWAT team arrived around 4 a.m. Friday and entered the house shortly after 9 a.m.

Officers found Lopez in the attic.

Lopez was apprehended without deployment of Tasers or chemicals and arrested on investigation of failure to comply and harassment.

Roughton was also arrested on investigation of felony possession of controlled substance and criminal assistance.

An earlier Union-Bulletin article stated that the owner of the house, Ronda Champman, was in the home; whether or not she was present could not be verified in police reports.

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