LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - New industry is needed


A long-standing cannery on Rose Street shut down some years ago.

Did the Port of Walla Walla encourage it to stay, or at least to leave the buildings there and possibly buy them? Maybe Walla Walla is like San Francisco, where new industry is unwelcome.

Each fall, semis with another trailer haul corn and other veggies through town to Weston 20 miles away.

These trucks add to traffic, noise and air pollution, road wear, use fuel and truck wear. How inefficient!

Solution: The Port of Walla Walla, city and county could try to raise outside funds to build a modern pilot canner where the old one stood. A perfect location. The construction and operation would make jobs and taxes for the county. Key Technology, also on Rose Street, could supply the processing equipment. The new cannery would partly compensate for the business that avoided Walla Walla and ones who moved.

A win/win solution all around!

David Jenkins

College Place


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