LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Washington, Oregon highways run both ways


In the Nov. 28 "Our Opinion" column entitled "Budget cuts are no fun, but sales tax hike isn't answer," your editorial staff agreed with the idea to "repeal the sales tax exemption for residents who live in states without a sales tax, such as Oregon."

The argument presented is that out-of-state residents contribute to the deterioration of streets and expect law enforcement service ... "it is only right they help pay for these services."

I think your staff fails to recognize the highways connecting Washington and Oregon run in both directions. Washingtonians traveling to Oregon contribute to the deterioration of its roads, and certainly expect the same law enforcement services noted in your editorial. The difference is how do Washingtonians help pay for these services in Oregon?

Will you agree that perhaps an Oregon income tax "short form" be developed and filed while visiting Oregon? Of course not.

I also believe that the dollars spent by Oregonians in Washington contribute to Washington's economy by helping pay wages, that in turn are spent on goods/services that garner Washington sales taxes. I think the unintended consequences of your short-sighted support of this idea would specifically harm the local Walla Walla Valley economy.

Steve Crawford

Milton Freewater


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