Letters To The Editor - Generosity and compassion needed


Almost every newspaper one picks up today carries an article supporting the false hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming or AGW. This "green" hysteria and alarmism is what's dangerous - not carbon dioxide.

Obama's NOAA chief Jane Lubchenco, asked whether she agreed with one of the world's top climate-change scientists that there had been no significant global warming over the years since 1995, replied that fifteen years with no global warming is not a trend.

What? Lubchenco even claimed that the devastating tornados this year resulted from AGW when in fact it was cold air from a cooler-than-normal Pacific meeting warm air flowing up from the Gulf of Mexico. This occurs throughout planetary history. The two worst hurricanes on record occurred in 1900 and 1926.

Then came a headline: "NOAA data shows decades-long warming ... typical temperatures rose to about 1.5 degrees since the 1970s."

A 1.5 degree rise is catastrophic (and would melt polar icecaps)? This very questionable data has not been substantiated, yet we still see reports that state the planet is warming. This misinformation swayed the Supreme Court to allow the EPA to tax and regulate industry and power companies. NOAA, IPCC and the EPA use pseudo-science and to satisfy political and financial agendas exclude contrary scientific studies .

So wind power companies lost "government benefits" because they had to shut down due to surplus hydroelectric power? Good. The entire industry is built on a lie.

We don't need subsidized wind generation with 400 years of coal reserves and also nuclear power. True pollutants -- toxic lead and sulphur dioxide -- must be eliminated and that is being done but mankind's minuscule, harmless production of CO2 is not harmful. Yet Obama's intent to bankrupt coal companies (some 20 percent of plants may be shut down in 2012) and EPA regulations/emission restrictions are on track to cost over a million jobs. Yes, and our "electricity costs will necessarily skyrocket," as Obama promised.

Must taxpayers fund an industry that only produces 2-3 percent of our national power (when there's wind), will never be financially self-sustaining, kills bats and endangered raptors on a massive scale, generates noise and vibration pollution and is not needed?

About 50 percent of our power relies on coal; 85 percent on "fossil fuels" -- affordable and plentiful energy that provided the highest standard of living in history. This standard is being reversed by corrupt politicians and environmentalists. We need to wise up and stop them.

Steve Singleton
Walla Walla


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