Home raided in connection with counterfeit $20 bills

One person has been arrested so far in this morning's raid at a residence on East Chestnut Street.



Walla Walla Police Officers carry multiple bags of evidence from a home at 315 E. Chestnut this morning after a raid connected to the recent appearance of counterfeit $20 bills around Walla Walla. Thursday, December 8, 2011

WALLA WALLA -- Police raided a home at 315 E. Chestnut St. at 6:30 a.m. this morning in connection with the recent appearance of counterfeit $20 bills in and around Walla Walla. SWAT team members used a "flash-bang" grenade to initiate the raid.

Christopher A. Brotherton, 31, was arrested on Department of Corrections felony warrants unconnected to the counterfeiting. Three other individuals found in the house have not been charged with any crimes yet.

Police spokesman Officer Tim Bennett said evidence of counterfeiting was scant during the initial search, adding the investigation was just starting.

"They're still searching forensically," Bennett said, pointing out it will take officers more time to comb computers and other hard drives.

Police did discover a loaded, semiautomatic handgun belonging to Brotherton, along with "fairly large quantities of methamphetamine and marijuana," Bennett said. It wasn't immediately clear who the drugs belonged to.

The morning raid is the latest development in a counterfeiting case area law enforcement agencies have been working on. Police arrested Skyler Glasby, 23, on November 30 in connection with passing counterfeit bills. Glasby has been charged with multiple counts of forgery and third degree theft.

City police Sgt. Matt Wood said Brotherton may face charges in connection with this morning's raid.

"We're still in there searching," Wood said this morning. "We anticipate further charges."

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