In the minutes - POMEROY COUNCIL


Pomeroy City Council members are Dennis Gillis, James Fuchs, Stephanie Newberg and Donna Hunt. One seat is vacant. Mayor is Alan Gould. With Newberg absent Tuesday:

  • GOLF COURSE: Met with Joe Waldher and Shawn Smith of Pomeroy Golf Course. Waldher said course attendant Petty Harper will not be returning to work at the course in 2012. Smith told the council the overhead electrical line on Hole #1 continues to be a problem, and he is concerned about the continued cost of repairing the line.

  • TENTH STREET: Learned the Tenth Street Sidewalk Project is complete and final billing to the Transportation Improvement Board was submitted along with closeout documents.

  • MEMBERSHIPS: Distributed letter from Alesia Ruchert, managing director for Southeast Washington Economic Development Association. The city is asked to pay $100 membership fee to SEWEDA. Gould said the Blue Mountain RCamp;D also wants a $100 membership fee. The council voted to pay the SEWEDA fee and discontinue payment to Blue Mountain RCD. Unanimous.

  • ATTORNEY FEES: Voted to accept Ogden Murphy Wallace's legal fees for 2012, which is a higher rate than for the current year. Unanimous.

  • PAYMENT: Decided not to pay Riedesel Engineering $13,519 for the Downtown Lighting Project pending until plans are received from Riedesel.

  • BUDGET: Reviewed the 2012 proposed budget. To purchase a new pickup, the budget includes a loan from the Cemetery Endowment Fund, with streets, park, cemetery, water and sewer repaying the loan with interest within the next two to three years. The sanitary system land purchase will be paid from the capital improvement fund. Council voted to adopt the $1.8 million budget. Unanimous.

  • WATER RATES: Voted to set the basic water rate at $94.50 per quarter, which is an increase of $1 per month. Unanimous.

  • GRANTS: Learned the Harold and Helen Shepherd Foundation granted the city $2,250 for pool passes and repairs, $4,000 for a cemetery mowing worker, and $1,250 for library plumbing.

  • Salary: Voted to increase the salary of waste water treatment operator Willie Graham for the retroactive sum of $183 for November and bring his future wage up to the new rate. The increase is due to Graham obtaining a Waste Water Treatment Operator II certificate. Unanimous.

  • WELL ORDINANCE: Gould urged the council to consider establishing an ordinance approving future well drilling. He asked council members to review the well drilling guidelines provided by the city of Walla Walla.

  • SANITATION: Learned Ogden Murphy Wallace is working on the land purchase and easement agreement for the sanitary control property.

  • CONDEMNATION: Learned a condemned home is scheduled to be burned by the fire department in the spring.


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