LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Buy products made in the United States


I heard an interesting factoid this past week I thought I would pass along. According to ABC News, "If everyone who is shopping this Christmas season would spend $64 on products that are "Made In America," we, as consumers, could create 200,000 jobs."

Now I'm not sure how much credit to give this statement, nor do I know where these facts came from nor who worked out the equation, but it did give me an idea.

If local retailers are really serious about "shop locally," and local consumers want to support the United States, then let's all try this - let's all buy American-made products, and shop only where the retailer is willing to promote "Made In America" products.

Oh, I know all the excuses - "they cost more than those made in China or Japan" and "I have to look harder to find something that is made in America".

My answer is: Do you want the multinationals to prosper or our local economy? Do you want to create jobs in China and Japan or here in the U.S.? Are you part of the problem or wish to be part of the solution?

Besides, if you aren't doing your part, you really don't get to complain.

Bruce McCutcheon

Walla Walla


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