LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Comment offered on pastor's column


After reading Pastor Bob Grimm's column in the Nov. 28 paper about the "Plank and Speck" in the eye and a subsequent discussion with my wife the question was asked, "Who has the plank?" She quickly responded, "We all do." That presented a whole new thought to me as to what the Scriptures say.

For instance, "we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God," "there is none good no not one" and when we come to the communion table we are to first "examine ourselves" (not others).

Too many times as Christians we have examined others and not ourselves. So what plank or planks do we have? Is it that of prejudice, self-righteousness, hatred, unforgiveness, greed, idol worship, or something as simple as misinterpreting words people say because of our bad thinking?

We all have our shortcomings and we all need to receive the prayer Jesus prayed "make them (those who will believe in Christ) one as Christ and the Father are one." Therefore let us all pray as Paul the apostle prayed, that "Christ increases and I decrease" allowing the light of Christ that is in us to shine brighter. Also let us pray that the Lord show us our plank that is distorting our vision and have Him remove it.

As Christians, Christ's reflection is what we should see in our mirror. I hope this letter will encourage all of us to think and do loving things for each other in the spirit of unity that Christ will be glorified.

Have a Merry Christmas.

Dale Filan

Walla Walla


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