LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - President Obama seems determined to kill America


Anyone who thinks Barack Obama is a friend of America needs to wake up - now!

Obama seeks to destroy the things that have made America strong. In a recent speech he delivered in Kansas, Obama said "rugged individualism" doesn't work. He said capitalism doesn't work. He said tax cuts don't work.

Obama's plan for America is ominous. He proclaimed a limited government isn't what's needed. Instead, Americans need more government, with more taxes, more spending, and more regulations.

This isn't a healthy environment for America!

Obama's policies have already crippled The United States to the point where it's just about unrecognizeable! It's been obvious from the beginning, to anyone who pays attention, that Barack Obama is an admirer of, and an enabler for, socialism. (This is why he's so popular in Europe!)

Now, Obama reveals, to anyone who pays attention, that he's also into collectivism. In other words, we have a president who wants America ruled by a system where there's redistribution of wealth, no private ownership, and individuals must submit themselves to the dictates of the government.

This is touted as being for the good of all. It's scary that far too many people actually believe this and support Obama's destructive plan. Unfortunately, these people vote!

Obama has done massive damage in a very short time. If he's given more time to complete what he's started, then America is finished. I fear there won't be another chance to save the country we hold dear.

Arrogant disrespect for America has no place in the White House! The man who promised to protect America appears determined to kill it. Will we let this happen?

Roberta Bardsley

Walla Walla


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