LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Take a stand on FDA plan


This letter is partly in response to Dr. Don Casebolt's article on Nov. 25 regarding supplements, but mostly to alert people of the impending ban the FDA has put on all supplements developed or added to after 1994. This ban will go into effect beginning 2012, and is already being seen now. This means that any and all changes made after that time will allow the FDA to pull products off of the shelves.

The need for supplementation: Even just 75 years ago, our planet was much less toxic than it is today. The air and water today are full of residues from pesticides, herbicides, vehicle emissions, not to mention foods we eat are regularly sprayed with toxic chemicals.

People were able to live longer because the planet was much cleaner. Vegetables and fruits grown without sprays are more nutritious, as they have to develop higher amounts of antioxidants to protect themselves from bugs.

When they are sprayed, they not only lose nutritive value, they become toxic to eat. No matter how much they are washed, they always contain residues which are inside the plants. Then our animals eat sprayed grains or grasses and are fed hormones and we in turn ingest that.

Even Dr. Casebolt recognized that we do need some supplements, but the ones he mentioned will no longer be available if the FDA has its way! This ban also effects bio-identical hormone therapy.

Many of my friends and I have very serious health issues, including multiple chemical sensitivities. We cannot take pharmaceutical medications and they could not help us, anyway. We desperately need the help we are getting from targeted, concentrated food supplements which our doctors have us on. If we lose the only means of help we have, we will quickly deteriorate.

All quotes from Garret Wood, president of Bionutritionals:

"Supplements have an unrivaled safety record. Statistics show that they are safer than drugs ... and even safer than food."

There are many other issues, but not enough room here. One point, "Experts estimate this could cost" us "tens of billions of dollars and result in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs" Can our overburdened economy handle this?

Please take a stand. Your inalienable right of freedom of choice is being badly threatened!

Paula Klipfel

Walla Walla


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