Letters To The Editor - Build a privately funded aquatic center


The question has been brought up again about an aquatic center. This has been voted down two times by the voters of Walla Walla.

A few people want to put it back up for another vote and waste more taxpayers' money on another vote. The people who want this aquatic center should get together and start a company and build it and support it like a business and when it doesn't pay the bills it will be another Blue Mountain Mall.

Where do you think 400 people a day are going to come from to pay the upkeep on an aquatic center? The one that was in the Tri-Cities didn't work even with the population of that area.

The other two swimming pools that were here many years ago were privately owned and they could not make it pay. We have enough taxes to pay at this time on schools, a new police station and fire stations. Why not pay these off before we need to have something else new?

Fred McPherson Sr.
Walla Walla


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