BMAC chief named to state Housing Finance Commission


WALLA WALLA -- Blue Mountain Action Council's leader, Steve Moss, has been appointed by Gov. Chris Gregoire to the Washington State Housing Finance Commission.

Moss will join an 11-member group, as the representative of low-income persons.

The appointment follows a long stint of public service for Moss, who has been board president of Washington State Community Action Partnership; board president and current board member of Washington State Coalition for the Homeless; board member of Washington State Rural Development Council; board treasurer of Washington Low-Income Housing Network, and board member of Eastern Washington Partnership Workforce Development Council.

The Washington State Housing Finance Commission is a self-supporting agency that provides below-market financing to buy, build or preserve affordable housing and nonprofit facilities, partnering with private enterprise to raise money for such projects at no cost to taxpayers.

"The housing finance community plays a large role in helping provide affordable housing and other development projects around the state," Moss said this morning. "I believe I'll be able to provide a voice for the rural community, for Eastern Washington and for the very low income. I see it as quite an honor and responsibility at the same time."


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