Letters To The Editor - A libertarian Christmas


Are you fed up with all this humbug lauding generosity and compassion in the spirit of Christmas? Are you sick of reading U-B letters urging us to donate to the YWCA, Helpline, Catholic Charities and the Rescue Mission?

To hear a different message, join the Tea Party Libertarian movement.

The engine that drives America is greed, the accumulation of wealth by the strong at the expense of the weak. Greed, not generosity, has made us the most powerful country on earth.

Join us, and next year we'll chase those do-gooders out of Congress. We'll fill the West Wing with the right wing.

Once we gain power, we'll end government regulation of banks. We'll gut Social Security and Medicare. We'll abolish Medicaid and repeal Obamacare. (Why do the poor deserve health care?) What we won't do is raise taxes on the rich.

Come join our Christmas feast. We'll gorge ourselves on beluga caviar, Yubari melons and Italian truffles. We'll pull down the blind so we won't see the pinched face of Tiny Tim, whose family can't afford the operation that would save his life.

Come, the party's only a few blocks down this street. Ignore the homeless people shivering in their cars, the beggars on street corners offering to work for food.

What's that wailing sound above? Why, it's a banker, floating in chains outside Scrooge's window. He sees a little girl crying on the steps below and yearns to help her, but he can't. He made certain choices during his lifetime, and now he's only a ghost.

Why did you stop? Why are you still looking back at that banker?

Martin McCaw
Walla Walla


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