In the minutes - WAITSBURG COUNCIL


Council member are Kevin House, Orville Branson, Marty Dunn, Karl Newell and Scott Nettles. Student representative is Fletcher Baker. Mayor is Walt Gobel. With Dunn absent Wednesday the council:

  • BUDGET: Following a public hearing, voted to adopt the 2012 budget. The budget is about the same as the 2011 budget. Unanimous.

  • PERMIT: Approved a shoreline development permit for NoaNet to allow them to run fiber optic lines under the Touchet River. Unanimous.

  • ATTORNEY: Approved amendment to City Attorney Kris Hedine's contract to change from a flat fee to an hourly rate of $200. Unanimous.

  • CENSUS: Following discussion of whether to conduct an actual census of the city, decided to gather more information before voting at the January meeting. The federal 2010 census shows there are 1,215 residents in Waitsburg, but city officials believe there are 1,280. The 2000 census counted 1,210 residents.

  • AGREEMENT: Approved Coordinated Prevention Grant agreement with the state Department of Ecology for a chipper. The grant is for $28,000, including the city's 25 percent in-kind match. Unanimous.


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