Letters To The Editor - Is Santa Claus really Satan?


It's once again that time of year where Christmas is all around us, and yet it never fails to unnerve me as to how we so forget the true meaning of it.

You can read articles on the web questioning whether or not Santa is Satan. I used to laugh at this, but you really must examine this question in much greater detail.

When I was a child we performed traditional Christmas songs in the public school for the "Christmas program." Now we have renamed the program and simply call it a holiday or winter program, with the obvious exception of some area private schools. If you chose to attend you will find this traditional program has now become a celebration of Santa Claus. In fact, you will find that Christ has all but been removed from Christmas and replaced with Santa. After all, why wouldn't Satan want to replace Christ on a celebration of the day of his birth?

It may seem harmless, and I'm quite sure there are those who will laugh, but what are we teaching our children? I myself got so out of touch with Christmas that my own children didn't really seem to understand, they thought it was about gifts and Santa when questioned. Yes, I'm to blame for that, it was fun to pretend this fat man in a red suit invaded our home once a year and brought gifts. When my children didn't know the real meaning, I pulled the plug and sold Santa out for the fraud he is.

As a local, part-time DJ and musician, I have had the opportunity to attend many Christmas parties for local businesses as well. Many have chosen to push Christmas aside hoping not to offend any employees who don't participate in Christmas. Parties have now moved to after Christmas or have followed the above and now refer to them as Holiday Parties.

I've often wondered how those who have forced us to remove Christ from Christmas still are willing to accept the Christmas bonus these companies are gifting? Dictating to others is OK, so we don't offend you, but when it comes to money you are OK with it?

Is Santa Satan? I don't know. Is it safe to have your children participate in the Santa pageants that are upon us?

Whatever you decide, make the choice based on your faith and not that of someone else.

Remember that the values you pass on to your children are the ones they will use to guide them on life's journeys.

Jarrod Sumerlin
Walla Walla


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