LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Does global warming exist? Prove it


On Dec. 7 my letter "Why are we subsidizing wind generation?" was printed. Its first sentence read, "Almost every newspaper one picks up today carries an article supporting the false hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming." The next day, three articles appeared in the U-B relating to this issue. I would like to comment on how each promulgates the fiction of AGW:

"Rapid retreat of Chile glacier captured in images." Worldwide glaciers continuously advance and retreat with absolutely no evidence of linkage to CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere. (The same with sea ice, precipitation patterns and sea levels.) During the 15th-19th centuries, widespread glacial advances occurred during the Little Ice Age.

Retreats began with rising temperatures in the late 1800s during which time many glaciers returned to pre-Little Ice Age positions. The rate of glacial retreat has not increased significantly over the last 70 years, during a time when the bulk of atmospheric CO2 has occurred.

There are some 160,000 recognized glaciers known to exist and of these, Alpine glaciers are generally shrinking, Scandinavian glaciers are growing, and glaciers in the Caucasus are close to equilibrium during 1980-95.

Worldwide results indicate there is no common global trend of increasing glacier melt in recent years. Claims made by the IPCC that most glaciers are retreating are false.

"Northwest wind generators win in dispute with BPA." This article reflects my previous point that taxpayers are supporting frivolous funding via government "incentives."

This court decision will open more doors to "necessarily raise our electric bills." Google "abandoned wind farms" and read about the many thousands of wind generators twisting in the wind while rusting away. All will one day be abandoned to form graveyards of failed moneymaking schemes.

"EU berates US, China for blocking climate talks" (Earth Journal). This is an International extortion attempt by certain nations, organizations and individuals to milk hundreds of billions of dollars from U.S. and other taxpayers.

Kyoto was wisely stopped by the U.S. Senate but the grifters are persistent since big money is at stake. There's a "target sum" of $100 billion but it won't stop there. Mexican President Calderon demanded, "We will need many hundreds of billions of dollars."

The AGW swindle can be summed up in three little words: "Follow the money." Man-generated CO2 does not affect climate.

Here's a challenge for anyone who really believes anthropogenic global warming exists: prove it.

Steve Singleton

Walla Walla


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