LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Let's hope voters see clearly


Well, it is almost voting time again and I sure hope the voting public can see far enough down the road to see where the United States of America is headed under the present presidential administration we are now forced to choke down. I hope the voting public can see clearly what has happened under the present administration.

I cannot for the life of me and this great country see how anybody in their right mind could ever want the same thing (maybe a lot worse) back for another four years. Mr. Obama is a smooth talker with the speeches that someone writes for him. So was Hitler and look what happened to the world. I sure hope the voting public has more brains than it had the first time.

Being a veteran of the United States Army, I, along with many others fought for the right to free speech, unlike all the draft dodgers of the 1960s who are wanting the same thing as the veterans have but they did nothing for it.

Since the present administration took office, we have lost many things we hold dear to heart. They may be small to some but they sure as heck are not small to the veterans and many more people who have common sense.

Irvin L. Powell



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