LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Look around and smile


As this year of 2011 comes to an end we need to reflect on what has transpired over the last 11 months.

I'm asking anyone I have offended to forgive my actions or words. And for those I have encouraged in some manner, I'm glad I was able to do so.

For those who have lost a loved one this year rest assured somewhere someone is praying for you and your comfort.

Now as one grows older may you also grow wiser and extend your wisdom to those who are younger than you, and for those youngsters listen and learn and appreciate wise words. May we all give to those who are ill, whether it be mentally, spiritual or physical, a prayer, a word of encouragement, let them know they are not alone.

I'm thankful for the ability to make someone smile, laugh or to look at the problem less seriously. Sometimes one becomes a clown to be able to live with his or her own grief.

Don't make life so profound that you lose sight of how wonderful the world of nature is.

Look around and smile, bend over and smell the roses then check out the beauty of Jack Frost.

I've enjoyed writing my letters to the editor. Hopefully they have made you smile, laugh and above all think.

And as Tiny Tim said "God bless us all."

Rex Miller Sr.

College Place


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