LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Sheriff Turner doing great job


I was appalled and incredulous after reading the headline of the U-B on Dec. 8. This was written in a prejudicial and unfair manner. This attack on Sheriff Turner's integrity is outrageous in its entirety.

After reading the article five or six times I could find no evidence to support the commissioners' allegations and accusations. If anything, the honesty and integrity of the commissioners could be in question.

What do they have to fear in meeting with the sheriff one on one? The sheriff's schedule is just as busy as that of the commissioners.

It is evident in Commissioner Perry Dozier's account of his meeting with the sheriff that he feels he is dealing with a subordinate. This is not the case. The sheriff is elected by the citizens of Walla Walla County, and his position is just as important as the commissioners, if not more so.

This hostility is evident in all three commissioners. Why can't they settle their differences without going to a public forum, which in itself is prejudicial?

John Turner is doing a great job. There is now 24-hour patrol coverage in the county. He is having meetings in Walla Walla, Burbank, Prescott and Waitsburg to get input from the citizens.

He is looking out for the safety and security of the citizens of Walla Walla County and members of his department. He knows what is needed to do this and needs the cooperation of the commissioners to accomplish his job.

Richare Peas

Walla Walla


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