LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Time to knock off the trash talk


This is my first opportunity to answer the allegations by a couple letter writers who have obviously joined the "good ol' boys and girls" committee to mislead folks who read opinions in the U-B.

I also realized (since returning home) that some folks who are truthful, honest and caring have written letters to help others realize that Steve Singleton, Dan Clark and Janice Allen attempted to sway others into believing I said some things I really didn't say. Read the letters, find the truth.

First, I never made a threat to Jerry Votendahl; I never mentioned violence and I never bullied him. I simply expressed my opinion of the "trash talking" he has pursued since the sheriff's election campaign began a year ago. That is the truth.

Further, Singleton seems to believe he can read minds and likens my letter to a slap with a glove and a choice of weapons. Singleton certainly has a history of attempting to incite others with his opinion letters, but he really should consider not attempting to deceive others by changing a person's words to suit his own ambitions.

In addition, a letter written by Gay Ernst, published Dec. 11 is exactly on the point and further indicates the nonsense that has been spewing from the county commissioners for a lengthy amount of time is very childish, rude and quite detrimental to what the voters had in mind when we elected John Turner. It's flat-out disgraceful to our community, hinders the job Sheriff Turner and his staff have been doing and wants to get done.

Knock off the trash talk, start acting like adults, communicate in a reasonable way or resign. Ernst is right. We should concentrate on finding officials to represent the citizens, be transparent, honest and communicate in a civil, cooperative spirit. It ain't being accomplished by those few now!

Robert Phillips

College Place


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