LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Washingtonian does his part for Oregon


It was over a month ago when my letter was posted regarding the sales tax issue. I was really pleased there was some conversation about the repeal on the referendum of the sales tax for Washington residents only.

Of course, then I read the heartwarming (almost brought a tear to your eye) adamant concerns over the devastation of the Walla Walla Valley economics. So I'm now compelled to respond to our neighbors to the south!

If you are going to present a rebuttal please don't use scare tactics that are untrue.

First: Buying a big-ticket item like a combine or tractor anywhere is a depreciating business expense - no problem.

Second: Buying a vehicle compels you to pay the sales tax in your home state when licensing - no problem.

If you buy food items no sales tax! If you buy paper products - guess what, sales tax! Very simple and the amount of sales tax is minimal to the cost of gas to go to a bigger town for purchases. So essentially you may have stated that you just don't want to pay for your convenience.

Now about Oregon highways: If I travel on the highways I'm heading for a destination at which I'm purchasing merchandise. I also pay with that purchase profitable status for that business plus help pay for the employment for the state. I also pay fees, such as, litter fees on aluminum cans or plastic bottles or any others that come into the purchase. So I'm doing my part to help pay for the highways in Oregon but are you?

Myron Mallow

Walla Walla


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