Letters To The Editor - Why not celebrate Christmas in public?


I don't get it! I'm not supposed to say "Merry Christmas" in public because I might "offend" someone.

Yet, it is OK to "offend" me by my not being able to continue my country's tradition of celebrating Christmas in public. Yes, I said it, "Christmas" in a public venue.

How did this come about that some retail stores now have a policy of not saying "Merry Christmas" to me as in past years. However, "happy holidays" is OK. I ask what holidays? Thanksgiving (you know the one on which we thank God for His provision), New Years and what?

What is our national legal holiday called and identified? You know the one people get off with pay. The one written into the laws of the land.

If it is now forbidden to celebrate "Christmas" publicly, what will the unions say and do? If you don't celebrate "Christmas," for what do you give gifts? If so, in honor of what? It is strange that our nation's "make or break" sales event for the year is to promote gift-giving during the unknown holiday. Is this like the "Unknown Comic" who wore a plain brown paper grocery sack over his head? Maybe, it should become the "Generic Holiday."

Do we throw away our "Christmas" cards and wrappings? By the way, is "Santa Claus" outlawed now? If not, the Santa legend can be traced back to a guy who gave gifts whose name was "Saint Nicholas." Oh no, a Christian saint, of all things.

Thinking of it, since it can be traced back to the word meaning "Holy Day," to be consistent shouldn't we get rid of the term "holiday"?

I just don't get it. Oh well. "Merry Christmas" anyway.

Larry Nye


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