On The Agenda - Walla Walla Council


When: Wednesday, 7 p.m.

Where: 15 N. Third Ave.

  • CITY ATTORNEY: Authorize a new employment contract with City Attorney Tim Donaldson.

  • LANDFILL: Ratify a grant agreement with Washington Department of Ecology for $2,934,000 for remediation.

  • WOODLAWN STREET: Amends franchise period for annexed lands.

  • EASY STREET: Annexation of 432 Easy St. to the city and canceling and granting franchises in the annexed land.

  • BUDGETARY: Amends the 2011-12 Maintenance and Operation Budget.

  • WHITMAN STREET: Presentation by James Payne of Fort Walla Walla Museum on archaeological findings relating to the Whitman Street IRRP project.


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