LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Merchants choose to give exemption


Let's put the sales tax exemption on the doorstep it belongs. It is the merchant's choice to exempt our dear Oregon patrons.

RCW 82.08.0273 section 4A, states that the vendor may choose to extend this exemption. The key word is "choose." There is nothing that says it is mandatory to collect or exempt nonresidents from the sales tax.

Additionally not every item is exempt. Only certain items fall into this category. The merchant must determine use and nonresidency of the customer's purchase to exempt the sale tax.

Be proud of your Washington residency at the sales counter. Just remember the merchant regards the "Tax Exempt" sale more than yours. He is giving them the 8.6 percent discount, you get to pay in full.

Come Jan. 1, 2012, that gift will be 8.7 percent in Walla Walla and College Place. Hope and change?

Stuart Rowe

College Place


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