Tips offered for safety during manhunt

The Washington State Patrol offered some common-sense advice for residents.


A short (mostly common sense) tip sheet from the Washington State Patrol on staying safe while officers hunt for the suspect:

  • Keep your home and vehicles locked (and make sure your keys aren't in your vehicle, locked or unlocked).
  • Be aware of your surroundings and any people who may be out of place. If you see someone who shouldn't be in the area or who is suspicious, call 911.
  • Don't take the law into your own hands - officers are trained to deal with dangerous individuals.

Lt. Roger Wilbur, a patrol spokesman from Tri-Cities, urged residents to be vigilant and report anything out of the ordinary. Wilbur said oftentimes, local residents will notice something suspicious even before officers because of residents' familiarity with the local area.


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