Business Monthly Bio - Camille Barrett


Name: Camille Barrett

Business/job title: Owner of Mann's House of Brides

Hometown: Born and raised here.

Current favorite song/CD: "I don't listen to music a lot. I like a lot of things, not rap. We just listened to Pat Boone recently. It was wonderful. I like old things and new things -- symphony, jazz, most types of music.

Favorite movie: "A Christmas Story." She and her husband, Rick, watch a lot of movies at home.

Favorite food: "I haven't met food I haven't liked." However, Thanksgiving dressing is a challenge and turkey is not her favorite, either.

Favorite hobby: "I'm doing it, there are lots of creative outlets here. The last few years I've been getting into my vegetable gardening." She designs veils for many of the bridal gowns, sewing and creativity.

Favorite place in the area: "My garden. That's my happy place. Also, I have a real warm feeling for the shop. It's very pleasant."

Most recent local purchase: Groceries at Albertsons.

Worst job: "I haven't had that many jobs. I've been here most of my life. I didn't hate any of my jobs." Her least favorite job was in a retail operation that was very quiet and had very few customers. She enjoys interacting with the people.

If you had another career, whlat would it be?: She's where she wants to be. "I used to think I'd be in more of a design situation. But I like the one-on-one in a smaller environment. I don't have a serious drive for mass production," she said.


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