Crosswalk crackdown in works in Dayton

The Sheriff's Office plans to focus on drivers who ignore pedestrians' right of way.


DAYTON -- Drivers ignoring pedestrians in crosswalks could find themselves paying a $124 fine.

Numerous complaints about drivers ignoring pedestrians' lawful right of way in crosswalks prompted Sheriff Walt Hessler to announce random emphasis on cross walk enforcement during February.

"We haven't had any accidents yet, but we want to make the public aware before we have one," Hessler said.

Violators will be ticketed, and there will be no verbal warnings, Hessler said.

Drivers are required to stop for a pedestrian who has stepped off the curb, and it would be courteous to stop if the pedestrian is standing on the curb waiting to cross, Hessler said.

The law also requires vehicles to stop if the pedestrian is in the lane to the right or left, or the lane the vehicle is in. This includes the parking strip, Hessler said.

Flashing signals to alert drivers of pedestrian crossing were installed about 10 years ago, but the orange lights are smaller than the newer ones used for school crossings. He is hopeful the city of Dayton will authorize upgrading the lights on Main Street to larger signals, which are brighter and also solar-powered.

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