In the minutes - POMEROY COUNCIL


Pomeroy City Council members are Dennis Gillis, James Fuchs, Stephanie Newberg, Paul Miller and Donna Hunt. Mayor is Alan Gould. With all present Tuesday:

  • EMS DIRECTOR: Met with new Garfield County Fire Chief and Emergency Management Services director Kris Darby. Darby told the council he plans to provide the council updates on a quarterly basis. He also told the council is applying for a grant to place Automatic External Defibrillators in community access points such as City Hall and Spinners Hall.

  • STREET CHANGE: Following a discussion with Garfield County Sheriff's Deputy Steve Krouse voted to accept Krouse's proposal to change 10th Street to one-way between Columbia and Pataha streets as soon as practical. Krouse developed the proposal after the school superintendent asked if there was a solution to the traffic problem at the school during drop-off and pick-up times. Unanimous.

  • SIDEWALKS: Learned Gould met Tuesday with Riedesel, Progressive and Anderson Perry amp; Associates engineer firms regarding the 10th Street sidewalk and historical lighting projects.

  • BUILDING INSPECTOR: Learned Garfield County no longer has a building inspector in town, and has contracted with Columbia County's building inspector for services. Miller said he would support utilizing the services of a local building inspector.

  • RV PARK: Learned representatives of the Federal Emergency Management Agency will be visiting the site of the Port of Garfield's proposed RV park to decide whether to accept or reject a revised plan.

  • PORSCHE RALLY: Newberg told the council she has been working with a group wanting to have a Porsche rally event at City Park Sept. 17. It would be the first annual event for this group.

  • PIONEER PLAZA GRANT: Learned the award document is expected within the next two weeks. Restrooms can then be ordered.

  • REPORTS: Will hear report on progress on building inspection issue, revised RV park plan, grant for Pioneer Plaza and proposed Porsche rally event Sept. 17 at the city park.

  • SANITARY CONTROL: Learned the state Department of Health requires a 200-foot area that restricts livestock from being near the East Branch Spring. City Manager Kenny Landkammer said he has spoken with the landowner regarding purchasing the land and begin the process of securing the area.

  • GOLF CART HOUSES: Learned Landkammer is working on restoring power to the golf cart houses. The city's insurance denied liability for a claim for damages to one of the cart houses.

  • NUISANCE: Approved an ordinance amending the Pomeroy Municipal Code related to nuisances to limit extensions to two weeks, and to clarify follow-up action. Unanimous.

  • CEMETERY: Learned casket liners/vaults range in price from $970 to $9,000. The mayor recommended the cemetery committee meet to discuss this matter and present recommendations in March.

  • PRO-TEM: Elected Newberg as mayor pro-tem for the next two years. Miller and Newberg were nominated, and Newberg abstained from voting. The vote was split and the mayor cast his vote for Newberg to break the tie.


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