LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - First two amendments most important


There has been through the years questions as to the need for some of the amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

The First Amendment has to do with the freedom of speech (expression). Our forefathers, founders of this country, the greatest country in all of mankind, had been under tyranny rule, kings and other oppressive governments and were not allowed to speak freely.

For this reason the most important amendment was written. Although I do not like a bottle of urine containing a crucifix ruled "freedom of speech," I do believe once one thing is ruled out, another will be removed, and then another and another.

In their wisdom, to protect the First Amendment, these framers wrote the Second Amendment, not so much as to protect the people from without or to provide for food, but to protect us from within.

We see so much unrest and change in other governments and yet we feel it can't happen here. Don't you believe that for a minute!

It can happen here, just look at the privacy rules violated in the last few years. Give them an inch and they'll take a mile. One rule leads to another.

To protect our First Amendment, we have to have the Second Amendment. Why do you think the framers made these the first two (most important) amendments?

If you do not know these two amendments, please find out what they say and why. It is simple; they are a part of our Constitution!

Tony M. Tabor, Sr.
Walla Walla


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