LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Reader opinion contest a mistake


Friends, you have been bamboozled. The CEO of Inland Power of Spokane is now on public record as follows:

Wind is an expensive energy alternative that will force utility rates to rise abruptly without reasonable justification.

As part of state energy mandates approved by initiative in 2006, wind generation -- which the region doesn't need and that doesn't work -- is being built anyway.

We are building wind energy, not because we need new sources of electricity, but to meet renewable energy standards.

Having to buy higher cost electricity we don't need is very difficult to understand.

Hydropower is not considered renewable because otherwise all the utilities in the state would already have been in compliance with the renewable energy law and would not need to invest in wind.

The wind industry needed to keep hydro from being counted in order to create demand for their projects.

Utilities will eventually have to build duplicative generation to ensure the region's base load during the 70 percent of the time when the wind doesn't blow. That means gas-fired turbines.

Jim Thorn


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