When: Wednesday, 7 p.m.

Where: Lions Club Community Building, Fairgrounds.

  • SUBDIVISION: Consider whether to take action on infrastructure improvements on the Waitsburg Estates subdivision. The letter of credit from developers Mark Jones and Dave Corbett will expire soon. The proposed 28-lot subdivision was proposed about three years ago east of the Midway Food Mart in Waitsburg. Jones and Corbett are expected to be at the council meeting to discuss the subdivision.

  • BEAVER DAM: Will discuss a beaver dam in Coppei Creek just west of the bridge over U.S. Highway 12. Adjacent landowners are concerned the dam will divert water onto their property during high water.

  • RETAINAGE: Will consider releasing retainage to Alpine Industries because the work on the bank at the fairgrounds is finished.

  • EMS: Consider approving an annual agreement with Walla Walla County EMS services.

  • UTILITY RATES: Will continue discussion of whether to increase the overage rate.


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