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This turn-of-the-century prairie adventure begins when Rachel, working in a Chicago boardinghouse, falls in love with her employer's son. He agrees to marry her, but only if she gives up her 160 acres from the Homestead Act to double his share. She agrees, and away they go to stake their claim in the South Dakota Badlands.

Fourteen years later, drought and isolation take a toll on the family. Survival is challenging.

Among the few African American families in the West, Rachel knows her proud husband will never leave their cattle ranch. She must find the strength to do what is right for herself and her children.

"The Personal History of Rachel DuPree," by Ann Weisgarber is on the Reserve Shelf at Walla Walla Public Library.

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"Pink Noise: A Posthuman Tale," by Leonid Korogodski

Are you intrigued by the idea of the immortality of the human mind? In this sci-fi novel, Nathi lost his brain five centuries ago when he became a posthuman.

One of the best brain doctors of his time, he must now save a comatose girl with extensive brain damage. Nathi unexpectedly finds that she is a carrier of the Wish Fairy, an enigmatic cyberbeing whose only purpose is to kill the virus enslaving all posthuman minds.

Once liberated, Nathi forms a symbiotic union with the girl and finds a way to break out of their high-tech prison. It is then the real battle beings, both in the physical world and that of the mind.


"The Last Boy: Mickey Mantle and the End of America's Childhood," by Jane Leavy

Jane Leavy delivers the definitive account of Mickey Mantle's life in this biography, drawing on over 500 interviews and mining the mythology of The Mick for the true story.

Leavy weaves together episodes from her 1983 interview with her hero in Atlantic City with reminiscences from his boyhood friends and family in Oklahoma. She lifts the veneer of hero worship to look at the man with a wrenching childhood, crippling injuries and a genetic predisposition to alcoholism.

"Every Other Monday: Twenty Years of Life, Lunch, Faith, and Friendship," by John Kasich

For the past 20 years, John Kasich has met twice a month with a group of Bible study friends for lunch. They use stories from the Bible to ask questions ranging from "Does God exist?" to "What do you do if faith fails you?"

Along with personal anecdotes and memories, Kasich shares some of the group's frank discussions on major themes such as charity, justice, envy, forgiveness and ambition.

This book lays out a practical path for finding strength and resilience through faith and friendship.


"Adventures Among Ants: A Global Safari with a Cast of Trillions," by Mark W. Moffett; "Different Learners: Identifying, Preventing, and Treating Your Children's Learning Problems," by Jane M. Healy; "The Bells," by Richard Harvell; "Chosen," by Chandra Hoffman


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