Equipment in farm museum outgrows its building


POMEROY - You can't compare thimbles to combines. When Gary Cole, representing the Southeast Washington Ag History Museum, pitched the need for a second (large) building to house its farm machinery he told commissioners, "We're collecting farm machinery. We wouldn't need such a big building if we were collecting thimbles."

Commissioners agreed to support seeking funding for a second building.


PRESCOTT - The Prescott Library is looking for ideas on how to utilize the now-vacant space next to the library on D Street. The space, formerly a building that burned, was donated to the library. Suggestion cards are available at the Tuxedo, the Co-op, Sandy's Market or the library.


DAYTON - Kuhio, the parotlet that belongs to Bette Lou and Gene Crothers, was happy to be reunited with his family after about three weeks at the WSU veterinary school. He cuddled and talked all the way home. But the honeymoon was soon over.

Kuhio is feeling much better, according to Bette Lou, but unfortunately for their relationship he still has to take a squirt of antibiotics to complete his treatment.

He panics if he sees the medicine bottle, and the Crothers have resorted to sneaking up on him with the syringe they use to squirt the meds in his mouth.

Once the treatment is finished Bette Lou hopes Kuhio will forgive and forget.


DAYTON - Drivers on the roads north of Dayton have reported their own version of "Winged Migration" as a Canada goose named Honker keeps a winged pace next to their car.

According to The Times of Waitsburg, the bird flies so close its wingtip can be heard brushing the car. The goose lives in a pasture on Wolf Fork Road with a herd of cattle.

A photo in the Feb. 10 Times, taken by Michelle Buroker, clearly shows the bird skimming just above the pavement, at eye level with the car's driver.


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