Shawn Kemp to participate in 'Snow Hoops' at Bluewood


DAYTON - Six-time NBA All-Star Shawn Kemp, former national ski champion and 3BA International's co-founder Brenda Ford and the new owners of Dayton's Ski Bluewood, Mike and Kelly Stephenson, are teaming up to host the first ‘Snow Hoops' Feb. 26 at Ski Bluewood.

This event will launch a plan to create youth summer basketball camps at ski resorts across the state. 3BA is a new 3-on-3, full-court men's professional basketball league. Washington State has two teams in the USA league, a Seattle team and a Spokane team. The 3BA World League will tip off in both the United States and China in 2012.

‘Snow Hoops' takes basketball skills and adds the challenge of skiing or snowboarding to the hoops. As part of this event, participants can choose to play a friendly game of HORSE down the mountain.

Kemp will spend the day skiing with Bluewood skiers, shooting hoops, signing autographs and handing out prizes, including a season's pass to Ski Bluewood, autographed 3BA T-shirts, gloves and hats, lift tickets and more.


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